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American Membrane Corporation (AMC) was incorporated in Michigan USA in 2002. We as an independent membrane producer, provide customers around the world with quality membranes for a variety of industries and applications. The broad product range and the capability of customized ....

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Why Choose AMC Products

Our Key Technology

The heart of American Membrane Corporation is the production of microporous membrane. Our membranes are made in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. From the polymer used to the final membrane product, we truly believe it is the membrane that determines a product's effectiveness.

Our Commitment

We view our relationship with our customers as a synergistic blend of two disciplines: customer needs and expectations, and our expertise in membrane production. Our success is based on long term relationships with our customers through trust and cooperation. You will receive our total commitment to product reliability, consistency, and performance. To honor this promise to you, we use only the highest quality materials, stringent manufacturing standards, extensive quality control measures, and the greatest level of technical support.

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to providing quality membrane products and services that offer value for our customers. We will accomplish this by continuously improving our products, working to enhance the relationship with our customers, and by understanding their needs.